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 RULES - Please read!!!

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PostSubject: RULES - Please read!!!   21st June 2016, 4:55 pm

As ClawClan is a small, relatively isolated group of people, there isn't much need for an extensive rule list. However, it is necessary for us to define what our basic expectations and allowances are.

You, as a member, could potentially be suspended for:

1) Excessively posting spam and/or content unrelated to the topic at hand (i.e. posting your opinion on Silverstream on a thread about how everyone's day has been).

2) Attempting to distribute any kind of malware or other malicious software through links, downloads, pictures, videos, etc. or for trying to direct another user to a malicious site through a scam or a series of steps.

3) Attempting to scam a user (i.e. posting "If you do this and this you'll get promoted to a special rank!).

4) Using excessive inappropriate language. We are a PG-13 board, so we do allow some vulgar language, however we don't want "fuck" and "shit" to be every other word you say.

5) Flaming, trolling, and hate comments. We do not tolerate any of these. If you make any comment intended to hurt another user, you will be suspended immediately. Racist, sexist, homophobic, and other derogatory comments based on a user's physical properties/preferences are prohibited.

6) Excessively breaking roleplaying rules or disrespecting another user by breaking rules they have set on their own thread.

You may NOT:

1) Perform any of the actions mentioned above.

2) Abuse the report system by sending false/dishonest reports or by sending an excessive amount of reports (such as reporting the same post five times in an hour). One report per half hour is sufficient.

3) Abuse the PM system by spamming a user with new PMs or by using it to try and privately harass another user. Yes, we can see the PMs.

4) Show extreme illiteracy in your roleplay posts. We are a group of people dedicated to improving our writing skills through roleplaying; a lack of respect for the English language will not be tolerated in roleplay as it is disruptive.

5) Advertise this forum anywhere without asking a staff member first. We are a small group that likes to manage its members; because of this we ask that you do not invite anyone here without asking a staff member first. If you invite someone here or post about this site without our permission, we may suspend your account.

6) Abuse the username/signature system. Changing your username ten times in one day is not necessary and is disruptive; if you begin changing it too often, you may be suspended for a short while to warn you of your behavior. As for signatures, they may be of any length, but please avoid putting huge images, videos, or flashing images/gifs in your signature. Videos and gifs load the page slowly for some users, especially on mobile, as do large images. Flashy images are distracting and may be a risk for some users.

7) Discuss illegal or sexual content. We are a PG-13 forum, NOT a NSFW forum. Any discussion of drugs, illegal weapons, alcohol, sexual acts, or other kinds of NSFW material will not be tolerated.


1) Be kind to one another. We all can get along; if someone's opinion doesn't match yours, please don't throw a fit about it. Respect their opinion as they respect yours.

2) Ignore the trolls. Feeding the trolls will get you in trouble for instigating a fight, and will only worsen the problem. Report and move on.

3) Respect the staff. They're staff for a reason; respect their warnings and decisions.

4) Be active. There's nothing more annoying than someone who joins and never comes back.

5) Roleplay freely up to a certain point. We are a PG-13 board, which means that we allow more violence and suggestive material than other forums may. This does NOT mean we are an NSFW board; the most we will tolerate is cigarettes and sexual innuendos. Anything more and you'll be suspended. Swearing is allowed, however be aware that vulgar words of a sexual nature have been censored.

6) Get to know one another! We're not just here for roleplaying Wink

If you have any questions, please PM myself or another staff member. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in regards to the rules.
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RULES - Please read!!!
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