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 ClawClan Rules - MUST READ!!!

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PostSubject: ClawClan Rules - MUST READ!!!   21st June 2016, 5:19 pm

I. Follow the forum rules ;;
As with every role play, you must follow the forum rules at all times. If you see someone breaking the rules, kindly remind them once. If they persist, report them. Do NOT quote them or attempt to start a fight. You'll just make things worse. Just report and move on. We do not consider "Will ____ come back to ____" as spam posts, but please try to stick to only reminding a person two or three times a day at most. Any more than that is excessive and will be counted as spam. Secondly, don't attempt to debate any topics in the OOC chat. This is a role play area; not a chat one. Take your debates and your rants elsewhere, please. You may link to those pages in the OOC chat, however. If someone breaks this rule, DO NOT QUOTE THEM OR REPLY IN ANY WAY. Just ignore it and let the moderators and I handle it. This is especially true if we are trolled or someone comes on and attempts to start a flame war.

II. No god-modding, power-playing, spotlighting, or meta-gaming ;;
As usual, no god-modding, power-playing, meta-gaming, or spotlighting. If you are unaware of what these terms mean, please ask. We don't bite. In fact, we'd much rather have you ask than sit idly by and not understand what these terms mean. We do not tolerate any god-modders, power-players, meta-gamers, or spotlighters. You will be warned once for this, and then you'll be either temporarily or permanently removed from this roleplay and not allowed to rejoin. You also may not make any Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus. Your characters cannot have unnatural fur colors, funny colored eyes, wings, etc. etc. They also cannot have perfect personalities; you must balance their pros and their cons. We will reject your application if we feel that your characters violate this rule. No powers, either.

III. Literacy ;;
This is a semi-advanced role play. That means we expect at least four lines of detailed role play per post, as well as limited OOC. We will accept the occasional OOC-only post, but we will warn you if these types of posts become too frequent. As stated above, this is a role play thread, not a chat thread. You should also make an effort to use correct grammar and spelling. 'firepaw stamped his fot on the ground "you can't say that to me" he said" is not right. Rather, "Firepaw stamped his paw on the ground, shouting 'You can't say that to me!'" is right. If your grammar and spelling proves to be sub-par for this type of role play, we may ask you to leave this role play. Our apologies, but this is still a semi-advanced role play. We don't have the time nor the desire to give out grammar lessons. To lower the odds of this happening, everyone must take a literacy test before joining. It's short and sweet, but necessary. We reserve the right to reject you if we feel you are not enough of a skilled role player for this type of role play.

IV. Plot ;;
The moderators of this forum have the final say in what goes on in the plot. You, as a regular member, do not get to decide when major events occur. You cannot control the flow of time in the role play. For example, you cannot just be like, "Firepelt woke up the next day and yawned". I, the Game Master, decide when one day ends and the next begins. Try and keep track of these things; we don't want to have to remind you constantly about what time it is. The moderators and I must come to a general consensus before we have a major event happen, such as a battle or a runaway soldier. You cannot start these things first without our permission. If you do, you will be ignored and possibly kicked out of the role play. You may break the boot camp rules occasionally for drama, but you may not break them too often. A good rule of thumb is once per week in real time. Any more than that, and you're pushing the boundaries. There are also some boot camp rules you are strictly forbidden by the role play rules to break, simply because they would lead to major events that we don't want just randomly happening at any given moment. You may not have your character just go wherever they want. They stay where they are ordered to be, period. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

V. Plagiarism ;;
We all have put so much work and effort into everything in this role play. The artwork, the plot, the characters, everything. Out of common courtesy, we ask that you do not use anything from here without the permission of myself and whoever else owns the rights to whatever it is you are trying to use. If we find out that you have used something from here without permission, we will suspend you immediately.

VI. Activity ;;
One of the most frustrating things in a role play is when someone joins and never comes back. Please do not do this. We expect you to make at least three detailed role play posts every couple of days. If we give you a major role, such as that of a drill sergeant, we expect you to be on every day, actively role playing with those who have apprentices in your troop. If you're taking a vacation or are expecting to be gone for some other reason, then please let me or a moderator know first. If you get grounded, go through a family or personal emergency, or lose internet access, we understand. Just come back when you can and explain it to us. We'll give you your characters back if you lost them, and you can start where you left off. However, those are the only three acceptable reasons for being inactive without an excuse. If you fail to keep up with the required activity level and don't have an approved excuse, you'll be put on The Warning List. If you don't correct your activity issues within 48 hours, you will be removed for inactivity. If you can't give us a valid excuse when you come back, you'll have to start all over again. If we have to remove you three times for inactivity, you won't be allowed to join again. Please see "The Story" section elsewhere on the forums for our policy regarding activity when a battle is scheduled.

VII. Character Deaths & Battles ;;
Battles are the most significant events in this role play. They are what a soldier trains for, and lives for. We schedule battles in various locations usually once every 1-2 weeks in real time, depending on how many soldiers we have in active duty versus the number in training. We will, as stated above, give you at least three days' notice when a battle is going to happen so you can let us know whether or not you'll be able to attend. When a battle begins, you are to role play your characters participating if they are involved. Not sitting idly by. Not running away. Fighting. If your characters are not involved, you are to carry on as normal. No "Suddenly Blahtail heard the sounds of battle and raced to help!" Does that happen in real war? 95% of the time, no. So, in that case, it isn't going to happen here. If your characters start teleporting around, you will be ignored and warned about your behavior. At some point at the beginning of the battle, I will announce which characters the Name Selector of Death has chosen. The people who own those characters must write (good) death scenes for those characters before the battle ends. If they do not, we will still treat their characters as if they are dead. If that person continues to fail to comply, they will be temporarily suspended from the role play. Your characters also cannot just randomly kill each other, not even if both parties agree. Your characters are allies; comrades in arms dedicated to protecting each other. On that note, you cannot have your character swoop in and save a character the Selector of Death has chosen. To keep things realistic, your character can dodge up to three times before they must take a blow. During a battle, I and any other moderators online will role play the enemy cats. We will follow that same rule when role playing those enemy cats. Also, any one character may only kill up to four enemy cats in a battle, and they must sustain at least one injury in a fight before killing the cat they are engaged with. I will use a random number generator to determine who wins the battle; if I get an even number, ClawClan are victorious. If I get an odd number, the enemy is victorious and ClawClan must retreat.

VIII. Character Limits ;;
You may have as many characters as you want. However, if I or a moderator see that you are struggling to keep up with the number you have, we will make you pick two or three to kill off the next time a battle rolls around. You MUST start out as an apprentice beginning their training in a boot camp; you will start on Day 1 at boot camp. No exceptions. I will ask people to be drill sergeants and Commanding Officers when I see that they are dedicated, and I feel that they are skilled enough role players for the position. Do not ask me if I can give you one of those roles, or if I can make you a moderator. I will ignore you, and possibly suspend you from the role play if it persists.

IX. Boot Camp Rules ;;
Your character can't just dolly around and do whatever. They are to adhere to their schedules, stay within the boot camp boundaries, do what they are told when and how they are told to do it, and stay on top of any scheduling changes or cancellations. Disrespect of their superiors is not tolerated. If any of these rules are broken, the drill sergeant in charge of the offending party will issue a punishment as seen fit. As stated above, you may break some of these rules, with the exception of the "no leaving the boundaries" rule. However, your characters may not break them more than once a week in real time. If you break that part of the rule, there will be repercussions in real life.

X. Keeping Things Safe for Children ;;
Our forum rules state that all content must be within the boundaries of a PG-13 rating. While we do allow swearing and more violence than is allowed on the WCF, we do not permit any kind of NSFW stuff. This is a very serious rule and you will be suspended for breaking it.
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ClawClan Rules - MUST READ!!!
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