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The current time is late night during the sixth moon. All is peaceful on the front lines.

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 ClawClan Origins & Explanation

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PostSubject: ClawClan Origins & Explanation   21st June 2016, 8:09 pm

This role play was created based upon an idea for a fanfiction that I had. Rather than the Dark Forest battle being only a few hours long, I transformed it into a three-year-long ordeal. To help me make this new world a reality, I decided to create a role play around it. Instead of the war being with the Dark Forest, however, it is with a group of insurgents known as the Shadow League. I also turned it from a three year long war to one of indefinite length, casting realism aside for the sake of world-building. The four Clans fighting against them control country-level sizes of territory. While there are indeed four Clans involved in the fight against the Shadow League, three out of four of them fight off-screen. The fourth is ClawClan. When tomkits turn six moons old, they are sent away from their birth parents to one of many boot camps set up throughout ClawClan's vast territory. Here, they will receive their apprentice names and be assigned to a drill sergeant, to train alongside eleven other apprentices who are roughly the same age as they. The same happens with she-kits, but when they turn nine moons old rather than six. The apprentices train there for six months before taking their final assessments. If they pass, they will receive their warrior names and be sent off to combat somewhere. This is not like a regular Warriors story. The drill sergeants are tough. They don't tolerate any kind of tomfoolery or insubordination of any kind. Battles are taken more realistically; you are expected to role play these characters as if they are in a hopeless war zone- which they are. Think about how desperate, hopeless, and chaotic human conflicts get, and then apply it to Warriors. That's this role play. We imitate human conflicts, and that kind of realistic look on things is what makes us unique. Of course, we will still follow the "PG content only" rule of these forums. We can imitate human conflict and strife without having to get gory.

If you choose to join this role play, understand that your characters can and will die. Despite what you may want to believe, most soldiers in real life don't make it home. That is reflected here. Battles do not happen every five seconds; there may be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks between battles, and they won't be in the same locations. Your characters will not be fighting in every conflict, nor will they be allowed to do so. You can't teleport Blahtail to Blah location just because there's a battle going on. Your character goes to and stays where their Commanding Officer orders them to be. Period. No exceptions.

Back to the deal with death, your characters are not invulnerable in battle. These battles are more realistic than the ones in the Warriors series in that a realistic level of cats will die in them. Each time a battle happens, I will gather the names of the characters who will be involved. I will then put them all in a name selector and have it pick half the number of characters in it. For example, if there will be ten characters involved in a conflict (many more NPCs will of course be involved), I will have the selector pick five times for five deaths. If your character's name gets chosen, you must write out a death scene for them. You don't get a choice. Real soldiers don't, so neither do you. That is the hardest part for people to accept with this, I think. But it also gives it a thrilling sense of urgency. You have to make progress with your character and make them live life to the fullest, because they could die at any time. I told you that this was going to be realistic.

Apprentices are not at risk, or at least when a disease outbreak isn't occurring (which is usually the case). So your character will be safe while they are training at boot camp. However, as soon as they get their name, they won't be nearly as safe. Remember that.

If you need to go away on vacation, expect to lose internet access, or are just too busy for the forums due to school/work/etc., we understand. I will post a notification on The Bulletin Board when a battle is going to happen, and where. You will have at least three days' notice, usually more. If you know for certain you aren't going to be able to come online that day (battles usually last 1-2 days in real time due to scheduling/time zone differences), please let us know as soon as possible. I will then have your CO transfer your character away from the battle zone to keep them safe. If you don't tell us that you will be absent, and you don't show up to a battle at all, your character will be taken in by the enemy as a prisoner. You won't be able to free your character until they are rescued by their allies on a rescue mission, which may not happen for a while. If you don't come on for seven days following a battle, the character will be killed by the enemy. So be active, or risk your character being unnecessarily killed off. If you get grounded or have a personal emergency, we of course understand. Just explain it to us when you return, and we'll revert everything back to how it was. But don't think you can constantly announce your absence or fake emergencies when battles pop up involving your characters. If we notice a pattern coming up, we'll just have a random invasion happen wherever your character is, and make you kill one of your characters off. No free passes, guys. If you don't like how we do things, then don't join and waste our time.
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ClawClan Origins & Explanation
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