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 Battles Explained - A Must Read!!!

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PostSubject: Battles Explained - A Must Read!!!   21st June 2016, 8:29 pm

Battles in ClawClan are highly organized, rather complex events. They don't happen all that often, but when they do, they're big. If your cat is going to be involved (not every cat is involved in every battle), you need to let us know whether or not you'll be on. We need a definite answer, too; "I think" and "Maybe" are not acceptable answers. You can either come on or you can't. If you can't come on and your cat is involved, I and the moderators reserve the right to control your character when necessary for the sake of the plot.

If you say that you're going to be on, you cannot retract your statement an hour before the battle unless there's an emergency. Being forced to go to the store with your parents is not a good enough excuse to miss a battle, especially since they usually last multiple days. If you say you're going to be on and don't show up or retract your statement for an invalid reason eight or less hours before the battle, then you'll receive a strike. If you get three strikes, you'll be temporarily suspended from ClawClan and we will pick one of your characters to kill off.

When a battle begins, anyone involved must immediately head over to this section of the forums. A topic will be posted for the battle; the text will be in red so as to make it readily apparent. I will post up a starter post from you all, and you can go from there. While the battle rages and I and the moderators am controlling the enemy cats, I will be putting the names of the cats involved in the Random Selector of Death, a random name selector the likes of which can be found here if you're curious. I will select half minus one of the cats fighting; so, if four cats are fighting, one will die. If six are fighting, two will die, and so on. No one person will lose more than one character at the same time, so don't worry.

If your cat is chosen, you must write a good death scene for them by the end of the battle. If you fail to do so, your cat will be treated as dead and you will receive a strike. If you continue to resist acceptance of your cat's demise, your account may be suspended.

I personally use a random number generator to determine if the enemy cats I am roleplaying get hit by a move or not. If I get an even number, they dodge. If I get an odd, they get hit. You may use this generator, or you may use your own system. Just make sure your cat doesn't dodge too often, or else it may be considered god-modding. I set the system from 1 to 255.

I also use the same system to determine who wins the fight. If I roll an even number, ClawClan wins. If I roll an odd number, the enemy wins and ClawClan must retreat. I will post the results of each battle both in the Battles section and as an announcement at the top of the page.

Remember- the effects of the battle should be apparent. Your cat should not wake up the next day feeling great. Be realistic. Perhaps their joy is a mask for their true sadness or anger. Perhaps they have fallen into depression, or are contracting PTSD. Just make sure that whatever you do, it's realistic.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please post them below! And remember- no posting in this forum except for on this topic when a battle isn't happening! Your topic will be locked/deleted and you may be suspended if it persists.
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Battles Explained - A Must Read!!!
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